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Game Industry: Trailer Failure, Part 2 (Final)

Part 1 can be read here.

To Rift or Not To Rift

There's only one way to prevent a rift from occurring in the people who enjoy video games in the coming years: companies need to present their product as distinctive. It's no longer a game of whose object is shinier. Showing off a cool robot spider that smashes up cop cars as your playable character goes on a cybertrip is not enough. It's about explaining why a person needs to buy the game. Why this game is a Pandora�s box of necessity and invention. Products and concepts survive only if they're presented as essential or meteor sized snowflakes with a fiery stream of uniqueness behind it. Did you know the vast majority of people didn�t give a flying fuck on a penny farthing about brushing teeth until some asshole starting assertively marketing toothpaste?

Thus ends my foray into what I consider some of the inner workings of the game industry in its current form. This was the blog I had promised you all a few weeks ago, and I hope you enjoyed. Until next time.
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