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A Message to the Destructoid Community

Hello everyone. Today I'm writing something a little different. It�s Christmas Eve, so you have more important things to do than read the ramblings of a madman; I promise I'll make this short and sweet. When I became a member of Destructoid not too long ago, I came in guns blazing without giving a formal introduction or reason for hopping on board. Despite this, the community welcomed me with open arms, and I appreciate that.

In the coming months, I hope to expand my blog with further articles that will either amuse or confound you. Perhaps you'll experience a frustrating mix of both, causing you to do a spit take on your monitor. In your anger you'll glance down at a strange object, glinting as beams of sunlight hit the floor. Gasping, you realize you've found the last piece of the Scion. Ms. Natla will be pleased. With this entry in particular, I will take the opportunity to show my gratitude.

To the staff:

Whether you're a contributor pumping out content or a moderator ensuring no discussion becomes a verbo-nuclear war, you are the front line in creating a warm atmosphere where a community can thrive. Thank you for working hard and continuing to inform us throughout the many years. Destructoid is one of the few gaming websites I visit on a regular basis. It is also the only site I've ever seen that used an image of Sonic and Zelda having sex as a header for an article. Your dedication for irreverence is wonderful.

To the bloggers:

Destructoid is a cosmic petri dish of thoughtful, provocative articles, rants, reviews, and memories. There are new blogs popping up every single day, and these individuals take care to create something worth reading and appreciating. I salute all the people who take time out of their busy day to accentuate their opinions and share their personal feelings on the issues we enjoy disseminating.

Destructoid's front page promotions allow the best blogs to enter the stratosphere of official articles, which is a motivator that breeds a future lineage of writers who put energy and love into their work. The cherry on top is the Cblog feature. These individuals recap the blogs of the day and their passion is immensely valued. This ensures that no blog is ever cast aside by the tide of time.

To the commenters:

Commenters add life and depth to the community. Without their input, even the best article would be a lonely and desolate place. Commenters are the most active part of Destructoid's ecosystem, and they provide additional information, witty one-liners we can all enjoy, and the variety that spices this place up.

To the silent readers:

The Gordon Freeman of the Destructoid cadre of protagonists. I used to be a part of this group for years. They never speak, they never create an account, yet they're always reading. Watching. Waiting. The infinitesimal matter of the Destructoid universe, the reader deserves the same acclaim as anyone else, for without them, what good is any of this?

Once again, thank you for the kind reception. Destructoid is an awesome website with an amazing community of people. Merry Christmas. Let's all make 2014 a great year.

See you then.
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