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Red Rover Red Rover, I call an 80's Spaceman over!

I was having an ADHD phase in Steam's store and clicking all the possible recommendations they have strategically placed at the end of the scroll bar. A brief summary of how I interact with information in the internet naturally equates to a...


Destructoid Haiku

I feel like blessing my first blog with a haiku: The light lifts the lids in articles of lush words: Only Destructoid. Meg Ryan and Tom Hank's restless yearning or should I say sleepless yearning demonstrates my relationship with De...


About Zovfreulliaone of us since 9:39 PM on 05.19.2013

I used to wheel myself around in a Little Tike bicycle until my mom told me, "Go forth and become a pterodactyl" so ever since then I've tried flying-- and I mean that more metaphorically and just a tad bit literally.

Right now, I am just "gliding" and not necessarily "soaring" in terms of what I want to achieve, which is essentially to design video games for language development and learning, and I am hoping to educate children who are raised in unfortunate circumstances with said video games. Yeah, that's a chockablock of what I want out of life.

In the mean time, I am writing video game articles and occasionally channeling Neruda and Bukowski. Yeah, I love reading and writing poetry, and I am a sucker for French poetry. So why channel a communist Chilean and a neurotic German-American? Beats me.