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Beyond: Two souls

I know that these kind of games are not really everyone's cup of tea but in all honesty heavy rain is one of my all time favourite games. After playing beyond i have to say that Quantic Dream are up there with my top three developers. 
I remember the E3 trailers for both heavy rain and beyond and all the after comments along the lines of "interactive movie" blah blah blah. 
They are both beautiful  looking games smooth and easy to play in my opinion. The story is brilliant and even though the game is played cut up and plays out In random parts it all fits in a weird kind of way. Your freedom of choice is well given throughout and all in all I loved playing it and will happily play it again and again and plan to do so to see all the endings for myself (and because I want to 100% it).
But in all honesty there isn't a single thing I didn't love about this game even though I have read some and some bad reviews on it in the past. So want is your opinion on beyond and or heavy rain? Is it not your kind of game or did you love it or quite possible hate it ? 

Thank you! 

Amy :)
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