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Think of the days before idle animation, where our platforming heroes did absolutely nothing unless we told them to via button presses. Set your controller down and Mario would just stand there not moving a pixel as a Koopa Troopa walks tow...


What I used to want...

I was digging through old notes and sketches this past week and came across a short list of games I was at one point looking forward to, excluding handhelds. Comparing it to release dates on Wikipedia I've figured that at the latest the lis...



As any true bro knows, there's trouble in brorum paradise. I'm sure you've seen the comics and micro-games. If you haven't, go check out the other Forum Adventures blogs. I'm not here to rehash the rivalry, I'm here to show show you how it ...


That One Mook: Blaino

BLAINO Thinking back on the various game bosses that have troubled me a handful immediately sprung to mind, but only one really stood out, Blaino. He may not be the best choice for this particular subject since he's not an out and out ...


The Fabled Master Chief?

So with the official announcement of the Fable 2 Pub Games and the limited edition set and all that I started perusing the Lionhead site again. There in the forums I found a link to a fan news site called "loinhead", and the oddly believabl...


The Start of the Affair: The Christmas of 19XX

I really can’t say with 100% certainty what my first game was, though like the good Reverend and many others I had much fun early on stomping goombas and zapping ducks with the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo cartridge. It may have be...


Can't get you out of my mind...

Crackdown tried to ruin GTA for me. It hasn’t worked, but as I played Rockstar’s latest epic last night I couldn’t help but think of Crackdown. The first thing that got me was the blocking of the bridge. I couldn’t drive through due to co...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig...

Here goes my non Turning Point rig, a Gateway something-or-other laptop I bought a couple years back when I got my first decent paying job. Just so's ya know, this is my sole computer, nothing else in my pad. What's that? It's sure as...


Not that Zoda... Damn...

So I'm playing Subspace Emissary and at the end of a stage see that I've unlocked a Zoda trophy. I get all kinds of happy, thinking this is Nintendo finally giving a little respect to StarTropics. Mike's not a playable, not an assist, but m...


Me complaining about complainers....

So I don't play too much Halo 3 anymore. Once or twice a month, and then only when one of my brothers is over or is online and really wants to. Anyways, I understand that it's a known fact that a lot of us that play Halo 3 are idiots and/or...


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Howdy, here go the basics:
I'm Levi a.k.a. ZombiePlatypus.
I was born December 2nd, 1984.
I was raised in Virginia Beach, VA.
I currently live in Minnesota, it's not as nice but it works.
I dig video games. Who'd have thunk, eh?

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I had the original PlayStation, but it's dead... I think.
Or maybe my brothers have it, I don't know.

I've never owned a Sega system.
I am the sole reason the Dreamcast failed. I apologize.

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