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Random thoughts,feelings and things that i liked about Rayman Origins


So I know I am kind of late talking about this but I feel like I needed to do a post about it. I only just recently played Rayman Origins and I am staring to question myself about why I left it so late because this game is just pure fun and a joy to play, everything in this game is just amazing from the 2D artwork to the song that plays when you pick up a King Lum, everything in this game just works.

Each level there is a beat which you play to and as we know this isnít a rhythm game but you can distinctly hear the beat play but as your actions unfold in the game you can see that it is in time, now to me this made the game flow really nicely and it added and extra bit of fun towards the whole game.

What I liked most about this game where the side-scrolling, shoot-em-up stages where you ride a mosquito, the main reason why I liked theses stages so much where because they became incentives, I ended saying to myself ďLets just do one more world and get the next mosquito stageĒ these stages ended up serving to purposes, one purpose was that these they ended up being a nice change of pace every so often from the rest of the game and the other purpose was that these stages alone made me finish the game in one sitting.

But in all honesty this game brought me hope that we might see more games like this in the future, after playing this I started to imagine games taking the same route, it made me fell kind of nostalgic because I remember playing the first Rayman game on my Ps1 when I a kid and loving it so much so that then playing this brought back the memories of me and my sister waking up early before school just so we could play Rayman before we left.

So all in all I had a blast playing this game and it would be a game that I would play again and I know everyone has their annoyances and angers with Ubisoft but you canít fault them on this one, they did a really good job and I hope to the next Rayman game does the same thing.

So if you havenít played this game I would just like to ask you two things, the first being why the hell not and the second is me asking you if you even have a soul?
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