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Phil Fish is not an asshole

Okay so I havenít posted anything on here in a while I have been caught up with school and stuff, but there is no other avenue on the Internet that will let me express the opinion I have today with out having a character limit, So letís talk about Phil Fish cancelling Fez 2.

Now I know everyone has there opinion on Phil Fish, everyone saw him in Indie Game: The Movie and everyone then thought how much of an asshole he was when In reality I donít think he is an asshole. Fish worked on Fez for 5 years, that game was in development hell,and for that game to come out and do relatively well is pretty good; people had this misconception of him after watching IGTM and people thought that him getting depressed was stupid, and people thought it was funny when he had a melt down and that sort of thing, but put yourself in his shoes he worked on that game for so long and didnít know whether or not the game was going to come out.

He then at one point said that modern Japanese games suck to which I agree with him and Phil Fish stated, modern Japanese games bar the exception of a few mainly MGS and Dark Souls, hold you hand very tightly, and thatís what he was complaining about he wasnít out right saying all Japanese games suck he was just saying that modern Japanese games do and least we forget that Keiji Inafune the creator of Mega Man agreed with Phil Fish.

The Video above is from SourceFed's Meg Turney some one who I really like but has an uninformed†opinion on the situation on the matter to which a think some people have.

Now for what has happened recently I feel like Phil Fish just had enough, everyday for him was a constant barrage of hate, and like any other person there is a tipping point and I feel like after what Marcus Beer said Fishís tipping point was reached and he was just done. I do feel however he could have done it a bit better and may have just said that FEZ 2 would be his last game, but personally I donít blame him for what he as done, I have never met Phil Fish but I donít fault him for what he has done.
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