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2012 Has video games in it!!!!


Happy new year everyone and welcome to the year were we all die supposedly and if not we will then know that the Mayans were full of crap and we can all go back to our video game playing lives and stop our new years resolutions that in reality we were never going to finished.

So letís talk about video games this year we see the release of the PSVita, which looks really good, and to be honest it does have a good line up of launch titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and a new wipeout game which I am really excited about and even though it has not done as well as predicted over in japan I feel like it could do even better over here in the west.

We then see the launch of Nintendoís Wii U coming out this year and also Nintendo finally bringing out there on online network called Nintendo Network, which just makes me think, who is Nintendo trying to aim their products because they have always seemed hit and miss with their products and to honest I donít think they even know what they are doing sometimes.

And this year we are giving a whole mess of new games from The Darkness 2 to Mass Effect 3 to Touch My Katamari for the Vita and then we have one of the games and I am personally looking forward to is Gotham City Imposters and thatís not all, as gamers we are very spoiled again this year and I feel like 2012 is going to be even better than 2011.

So if I have forgotten anything let me know and also hereís to another fantastic year of gaming, may your consoles never get cold and your thumbs never wear out. Yes I know itís cheesy but hey itís my first blog post for this year , give me a break.
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