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2011 in Review


2011 Has been a fantastic year for the video game industry with the releases of games like Portal 2, Skyrim and to a lesser extent the retail releases of the Bit. Trip games on 3DS and Wii, but with these successes there has also been some downfalls like Nintendo rushing out the 3DS and then telling us all that the Wii U that we saw at E3 this year has been scrapped and that they are re-designing it.

But in all fairness the good things have out weighed the bad this year and we have been giving some awesome stuff, so letís look back at this year and see just how awesome it was.

We were giving a bevy of really awesome games this year from Portal 2 with itís awesome characters and writing to Skyrim with itís Dragon slaying and fishing and then Kirbyís Return to Dream Land which reminded me how awesome that guy really is, not to mention that we also got Super Mario 3D Land, Battlefield 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and then we were shown how over the top games can be with Saints Row: The Third.

But then we are reminded about EA and how they brought out their Origin service and how they tried to shove it down our throats and how their Browser System left some of us pulling out our hair over how atrocious it actually was.

But least we forget about the good things game companies have done for us this year, Valve put on their annual sales which left us with a low bank account but a bigger games library and even Nintendo apologized for the 3DS not being fully ready at launch.

So all in all I feel like 2011 was a great year for us gamers we were giving some good stuff and even though there was the bad things that happened this year I fell like good beat out the bad. So in the end I would just like to thank the games industry for giving us one of the best years in gaming.

On a more personal note I would like to thank the people who read my blog and welcomed me into the c-blog community, the people who come back every time I posted and left their opinion, itís nice to see that I am not the only one with these views, and also to the people who did not have the same views but still shared their opinion, I would like to thank you as well for giving me a different perspective an for helping me change and grow my own opinions. So thank you to all who read this and especially to the ones who have read my previous posts thank you and have an awesome holiday season.
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