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Goodwill Treasures

Ever have the urge to go out and buy old games, but don't want to resort to Amazon or Ebay due to ridiculous prices for some games? I've personally had this urge many times, but still resorted to buying some games online, yet there have been times where I wandered into the Goodwill and got lucky. Not lucky in the sense that I ran into some games that were hard to find (though that has happened), but lucky that I came across some games that I read about online or in old PC Gaming magazines that I've always wanted to play.

For example, last Summer I wandered in there on a whim, thinking they wouldn't even sell much for games. How wrong I was when I came across a copy of Quake and Warcraft II: edition. I played Quake once as a kid on the N64, but was always curious to play it on the PC. As for Warcraft II, I happened to lend my original copy to a friend but never got it back. The price tags of these games put a big grin on my face. Each game was priced at $2. I immediately bought these games, brought them home and played them.

(The back of the Diablo: Hellfire case)

Since then, I've spotted various classics whenever I have the urge to go back. I remember one day having the urge to play Shadow Warrior, so I checked out the Goodwill that very same day and found the shareware disc. I didn't buy it, but I was amazed at the timing of the thought. Recently I grabbed a hold of Diablo: Hellfire, because I remembered hearing about a Diablo expansion pack, but could never find it anywhere. In fact, that particular expansion pack was developed by Sierra (to make it more obvious, there was even an advertisement for Half-Life on the back of the case). I still have yet to actually play this expansion pack, but I will get around to it once I have the urge to play through Diablo again. 

My question to you, fellow Dtoiders, what classics or hard to find games have you spotted at the Goodwill? Or even the game you least expected to see?
For me, the game I least expected to see at the Goodwill would be an unopened box copy of Battle Beast for $10.
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