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You can never have too many friends...


So my pre-order copy of Blade Strangers is out of stock for pick-up, the website says it isn’t available online or in store... what happened?


I posted new gear for the GO resurgence and a 10% off code because I love you.


I really want to fight Behemoth in MHW but I’m already playing Octopath Traveler, Mario Tennis Aces, Megaman X Collection and Pokémon GO! There are just too many fun games and we haven’t even hit the Q4 avalanche of new releases.


I made a New Shirt and a coupon for 10% off your order with code GRINDCORPS10 Link in the comments


I didn’t find a shiny Articuno this weekend but I did get a perfect IV Blastoise and a shiny Blastoise with glasses named Bubba Tubbs. I’ll count that as a win.


I sure miss Monster Rancher. I would be swell if that series would come back


The friends rollout is actually going pretty well so far. When you’re able, be my friend! I have so many gifts to give!


You have to be level 40 to have friends in Pokémon GO.... Way to take a good thing and fuck it to death 💀


Friends and Trading finally coming to Pokemon GO... THIS WEEK! announcement link in comments.


The Devolver Lootbox Coin IS a real thing and the price DOES change every hour on the hour. I fucking love these people!


I think the hype train for battle royale is losing steam. Let’s liven things up by making a MOBA Royale! 40 on 40 to push/defend a payload. It’ll be a beautiful train wreck of a game. I’ll name it Darkborne:Battlesiders!


Welp, it’s all over. I got my car back. I couldn’t do it without some incredible community members helping me out with purchases and donations to make that impound fee manageable. Thank you so much. I love you all.


Update: I think the next falsely accused criminal documentary is going to be about me. I can’t even process this feeling that I’m having. Please kill me.


I could REALLY use some help from the community right now. Details in the comments...


Happy Birthday Parisimo! I hope it is full of fun and delicious cake


Started a new game in Pokémon Yellow. Why do I do these things?


This Just In: Microsoft to reveal six new models of Xbox One at E3. No indication of new games. More at 11!


Going to be spending a lot of time on planes and in airports waiting for planes. What Switch games should I be playing for these long transits?


I’m a little nervous to visit home after these past few years. So much has changed in past 4 years and most of it was for the worst. It’s going to be a tough trip. Just hoping this flight doesn’t land me back in the hospital.


Hey! It’s Friday! Get yourself something nice.


Gracie and Willow were playing tug. In an attempt to get a better grip on the toy, Gracie bit Willow’s face by accident. The poor baby was bleeding profusely and needed to get 2 staples. Never cried. Gracie spent the rest of the day snuggling her.


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