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Should I be posting C-blogs of my podcasts?


I’m getting in on the #spidersona craze with a slightly more anatomically correct original character do not steal


Lumpy Space Koffing joins the party!


Made a slight edit to my destructoid draws submission and made it into my banner. I think I’m going to periodically add more characters to it


Did you know? Humanitarian is just a fancy word for Cannibal


I didn’t go out for Black Friday but I did buy 76 for $20 (I am compelled to bug this game to death). My girlfriend also surprised me with a huge Pikachu Pop, it’s creepy as hell and I love it!


Stitches are out. Thumb mostly works. Some nerves are dead. I can still do my best Dale Cooper.


Not the greatest weekend ever but at least I have the greatest dog ever. Here she is in all of her dirt mouth glory.


UPDATE: I am ok. I got two stitches in my thumb but no severe/ lasting damage. Neighbor is being charged with Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He was also served an eviction notice. Right now, the case is in the hands of the detectives and the DA.


Neighbor attacked me with a knife and got my dominant hand. I can’t hold a pen right now so I can’t draw (this makes me sad). Fortunately, I had already finished my submission for Dtoid Draws so that’s good. This is not how I wanted to spend my wee


I’m enjoying Dragalia Lost. The IP is interesting, it has a Fire Emblem waifus meets Diablo lite kind of feel. I would LOVE if Nintendo took the IP, fleshed it out and made a full console game out of it. So much potential


Ok, I got through the incredibly long tutorial and the game is fun once it opens up soooooo add me!


Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend! I’m going to practice being Canadian by taking a long weekend to play video games and eat pancakes! What are your plans?


Some jerk abandoned a tiny dog in front of my office. Since I love animals more than people, I went out and bought him all of the necessities and then hired him as my secretary of snuggles.


Last last one, I promise. If I keep going I’ll be forced to make a deviant art page and nobody wants that!


What started as a “What if...” on Discord is now reality. I’m sorry and you’re welcome. Edit: First and only bump. This went up late last night but it’s Princess Riiiiiiiiiicccckkkkk!


Left for work early so I could get out early and enjoy my day. Wound up getting a flat tire on the way in. So this is how the days starts? Bring it, mother fucker!


After messing around with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Remix Tensei Turbo 987253/4 The game: The Movie: The Game 2 Electric Boogaloo, I finally started FFXV and it looks like I may enjoy this


This new SpiderMan- is awful. Where the hell is Eric from That 70’s Show as Venom? Where is Willem Dafoe? Way to screw it up, Insomniac!


Edit: Last post didn’t work and was taken over by spambots. Here’s a Magikarp nowhere near water #winning


You can never have too many friends...


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