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I am so excited to see Gus and TaterChimp’s auditions, tonight. You’re both incredible and I hope we can all make it to round 2 together! Please please please, watch them tonight on the Destructoid Twitch channel and give them the love they deserve!


Tonight! At 9PM EST. I'm at it again, trying to win Destructoid's stream competition for $10k and a chance to work for our benevolent Luminosity Gaming overlords! Please, come on by, I could use your awesome vibes. I'm also playing Fall Guys!


The first night of the Destructoid stream competition was pretty interesting. It was great to see how different the auditions were when the contestants got to choose their own game. From The Sims to a Mario 64 attempted speed run. Looks like it'll be fun


I feel sick but I still want to eat something. That is all.


Waiting for a delivery is excruciating. It could be anywhere between 1 minute and 7.5 hours.... when will it be? Nobody knows!


I made it to the community choice showdown but I wasn’t able to clutch the win. Hugs and thanks for everyone that pulled together to support me and Gus. We’re going to take what we learned and dominate the next competition! <3


Bump! Poll closes at 5pm EST today! Gus and I have another chance in the So You Think You Can Stream competition by way of fan favorite! Vote here: https://eglive.typeform.com/to/A9oU3DeC (Edit: link changed)


Thank you so much to everyone that came in, last night, to show their support. I didn’t win a top slot but you guys made me feel like a winner. I still have a shot of making community favorite so I’m hoping that I can earn that slot and keep going <3


In about 30 minutes, the streaming competition on the Destructoid Twitch channel will be live. Tonight, I'm one of the contestants. I could really use some of that love and support you guys have. Please, come in and vote on my stream <3


Sometimes, sending love feels just as good as receiving it. Give it a try.


I think Paper Mario: The Origami King looks super cute and fun. TTYD is still the best in the series but I also enjoyed Color Splash and Sticker Star.


Well, that’s a kick in the teeth.


Today’s doodle brought to you by Log!


When I'm bored, I like to doodle video game characters.


*Buys toilet paper* Cashier: "Stocking up because of the Corona outbreak?" Me: "Nope, I just like to wipe after I poop."


Happy Birthday, ...nerds! Heh, still got it.


My head feels like it is exploding from the inside. I just have one simple request for all of you; please have an awesome day so that I may live vicariously through you. Thank you.


I bought a fancy little adapter so I can live stream my doodles. I'm interested to see how it works out.


Apparently Netflix has the herpes. Was it worth it?


Every day, I scroll through Q-posts and I am constantly reminded of how awesome you are. I’m happy to be part of this community and I just wanted to let you know. Thank you <3


I tried a new style and decided to draw a fish that wanted to go into space.


Spicy Hot Cheetos Take: Feed me Spicy Hot Cheetos!


I have nothing to say but I will say it as loudly as I am able to


I don’t have a problem YOU have a problem!


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