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Zombie Orwell has arts for your stupid eyes

I, the zombie who is Orwell (who is me), have a special treat for you Dzoid idiots who do faps upvotes, downvotes, comments, flame wars, etc.

I have an arts for you. Just for you. And nobody else. This shall take the form of a guided tour through the world's most finest Art Exhibit. Enjoy.

This first image was created in early March 2013 by our most illustrious Zombie Orwell. It features words, tarot cards, a velociraptor, and stunning use of the color yellow. You will of course note the fine photoshop job.

Here we have a truly impressive social commentary on the state of state parks in Mexico, as well as police militarization in the United States. The inclusion of yet another velociraptor shows Zombie Orwell's temporal bravery: placing a long extinct lizard next to a modern Police Guy proves the artist's fearlessness when faced with the enormity of time.

Once again we find a shockingly relevant and educational message from the world's most prescient and Orwellian writer. If Wookie Jesus can't freely walk the forests of Mexico, is anybody truly safe?


And now for the Zombie's crowning achievement: a picture with a sexy lady. Ah, such artistry.
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