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The Devastation and Destruction of Destructoid: Chapter 8

Is this your first chapter of The Devastation and Destruction of Destructoid? I shall allow your un-Orwellian cerebellum to get caught up on the story so far.

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Tell me how you would like to die and your death shall be written into this tragedy. Nothing is off limits. (Unless you've already died.)

Chapter 8

POLYGONAL GAMING HQ � A billion miles above Los Angeles

As he climbed down from the Dzord, Niero's legs felt weak. Forgive me, Andy. It wasn't supposed to end like that. He was nauseous. He wanted to run, he wanted to get back in the robot and fly to Dtoid HQ, but he knew he couldn't. I can't turn back. This needs to happen. God, why did it come to this?

�You look like shit. Give me your hand.�

�Thanks, Samit.� Niero put his hands around Samit's shoulders.

�This takes balls, man. I've told you that before. I mean, we're all gonna die, but, shit... To know exactly how and when it's gonna happen, and to go ahead with it anyway... Fuck, Niero. How did we get here?� Before Niero could respond, they were interrupted.

�Hey, guys,� she said. �We're live in 25 minutes.� She looked at Niero. �I can't tell you how much I respect you, sir. Your level of commitment is extremely impressive.�

�Every atom in my body is screaming at me to run,� said Niero. �I just hope that today can mark the beginning of the end. Something has to be done. Things can't continue on the same path.�

�I completely agree,� said the woman. �Apart from you and Samit, nobody has the courage to actually effect change. In 24 minutes, we hit the restart button.�

�No, I'm sorry, Tara. I can't wait 24 more minutes. The waiting is too much. Please, let's just do this right now. You can broadcast the footage as a fake live stream later, but I can't handle this dread for another half hour. I'm begging you.�

Tara looked at Samit, who nodded.

�Yeah, we understand. Alright, then. Let's get started. The set is right this way.� She led them to the set shared by Polygonal Gaming and RevvedUp Games. The building was vacant except for the three of them.

�Please, Tara, stay behind the camera. Nobody needs to know that you're involved in the slightest. This is strictly between Poly and Dtoid. No one at RevvedUp needs to get hurt.�

�I'm not even here,� she said as she opened the door to the set. When he saw it, Niero collapsed.

�Fuck,� he muttered. Samit helped him up. �I don't know anymore. I'm not strong enough.� A blue tarp was laid out on the ground and pulled up as a background. The words Polygonal Gaming were spray painted in white on it. On the ground was a thick tree stump and a sword.

�Yes you are, man,� said Samit. �Come on. The hardest part is over. All you gotta do is get to the set. The rest is my job.� They walked forward. Every step was deliberate. Left, Niero thought. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. B, A, Select, Start. He almost smiled. When they made it to the stump, he sat down.

He saw Tara turn on the cameras and give a thumbs up. This is it.

Narrator X - I told you to read no further. You disobeyed. Everything will burn. You caused this.

DTOID HQ � Chicago

The live stream started.

�They're up, guys,� said Hamza. Everyone gathered around him. They saw Niero sitting, looking defeated.

Behind him was Samitshaska, wearing the same outfit as before, but now his nose and mouth were covered by a balaclava. He was holding a sword.

�What the...�

�Oh, god.�

�Destructoid,� said Samitshaska, �this is your devastation and your final hour. This is the end of Niero, and therefore it is your end. We are Polygonal Gaming. We declare war against you. Our reasons are many, but they do not matter. You cannot appease us; you will have war. There is no negotiating. Only once you have been eradicated will our mission end. With that in mind, you have two options. If you resist us, you will die squealing. If you submit, you will be granted an easy end; a quick escape from the pain and uncertainty of this life.�

Nobody made a sound.

�Before we end this video,� said Samitshaska,� before we blow out the tiny flame that was your leader, he will have the final word.� He grabbed Niero's hair. �Speak, dead one.�

Niero had been staring at the floor the whole time Samitshaska spoke. Now he looked into the camera. �Dtoid is coming.�

With that, Samitshaska yanked Niero's head back, exposing the soft flesh on his neck. Niero didn't struggle. When the sword bit into him and blood started dripping he didn't scream or cry; he stayed silent. His body began to slump as knife did its job. Before long, Samitshaksa was holding Niero's head by the hair. The live stream went dark.
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