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Fuk EA 4 lyfe

Hello dearest followers emergency transmission: I shall do my best impression of a rapping zombie:

Yo Mike Czech one two one two,
I just wanna give informations to you.
A new Humble Bundle has hit the shelves
and we can go buy it... FOR OURSELVESSSSS

But I must warn you crazy fools, HEY:::
The bundle comes from those shit mongers, EA.
However I do have one advice:
And this is where I shall stop the rap, you crazy mice.

Go buy the humble bundle right damn now. But slide that slider all the way over to the charity of your choice. Give EA not ONE FILTHY PESO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Games included: Dead Space 1 and 3. Burnout Paradise Special Super Duper Edition. Medal Of Honor. Mirror's Edge. Crysis 2 Maximum Jaximum Edition For The Murder Of Filthy Humans. Also, Battlefield 3 and Sims 3 are included if you pay more than the average.

Fuk EA 4 da lyyyyfffeeee!!!!!!!

Your leader,
Zombie Orwell
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