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condemned 2: price drop is wtf awesome.

so if any of you havent already picked up the newest installment in the condemned series (even if you dont have the first its a great buy), now is the time to act. while depositing more money on my GTA4 reservation i noticed that a brand new copy of C2:BS was priced at... wait for it... 35$. i was amazed. i immediately bought it. and i must say, it is an amazing game, even the online multiplayer is damn good with the new first person fighting combos it can seem like the old Xbox game Breakdown....(if you havent played that already its really quite good). the story is wonderfully scary and it's character movements are fluid and realistic. when you fight anyone, it actually takes skill. i commend the creators of condemned.
but the catch is.... its only at gamecrazy... i have received word that the new sega games (sega tennis and viking) including condemned 2 are only at gamecrazy for 35 bucks. props to sega for proing how awesome they are even in the new gen.

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