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Here comes a new challenger!

I'm new to destructoid and quickly made the mistake of making my first blog short and lazy.
The comments I got made it very clear that it should have gone in the forum and I would like to thank them for not telling me to GTFO.

I might as well introduce myself and get used to blogging, very quickly. *ahem*
I'll start off by saying 3 things about myself..I'll try not to bore you.

1. 4 words - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I have loved these guys since the animated series, in England it was called Hero Turtles for violence issues but it was still the most awesome thing on TV. It's not just the childhood nostalgia I love about TMNT, a few years later I found out that the cartoon was just a watered down version of a much darker, bloodier comic book. In the comics the turtles all wore red bands and sometimes even killed their enimies. What was even more shocking, Shredder dies in the first issue!

2. Parkour (PK)

Thats me! :O
Parkour is getting from A to B in the fastest and most flowing way possible..well, bluntly anyway. I have been doing Parkour for almost 3 years now and I train with my local team called the Flowflys. PK is often confused with Freerunning, FR has less rules but is mostly about flips and things that look good. I have nothing against FR but I beleive PK is alot more useful and personal.

3. Metal
I play the guiter and have been playing for 2 years, I beleive that what someone listens to is what defines them as a person. I'm not talking about the general apperance of the band but how much effort was put into making the song. I have great deal of respect for musicians who have put alot of time into their work and for people who think even their best isnt good enough yet.
Oh and I'm mainly into bands like Lamb of God, Gojira and Daath.

So there you have it, 3 things about me to get the ball rolling. I realise that it's still quite a short blog but I'm still new the game.
Please feel free to comment, good or not. Cheers.
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Hi, my name is Lee and I'm an alcho-*ahem* I like video games. I'm 20 years old and I was born and live in a magical place called England, where the houses are made of tea pots and bad teeth.. Oh and of course I live next the Queen and Jim Sterling.

I'm not quite sure what to put here without it looking like a boring list that people will never read. So I guess I'll just try to settle in hope for the best. Feel free to add me or whatever on Xbox Live. Cheers.
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