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Macs; Why they're terrible.


Originally, I was going to skip out on this blog, till I saw people even think Macs were good. So here we go. Let's start by breaking it down economically.

If you know money, then you know they're ripping you off.

The pic is a little hard to see, so just save it and zoom it and whatever.

They're charging you ridiculous prices for dumb stuff. For example, double the price for a monitor for 6 inches of screen. 6 inches that don't matter. A 2 terabyte harddrive from apple is the price of a computer.

Since that's pretty quick and the picture demonstrates it for me...Next...

The Famous Argument: Macs are virus-free and Windows has tons of viruses

QUICK! You're a virus designer. You want to create a killer-virus to take down the world. Do you aim for 1% of the population, or 99%?

The 1% are mac users
The 99% are PC users.

Obviously, you'd attack the PC users.


Then you have the fact that you can only get a virus on a PC if you're a moron. There's so much you can do to protect yourself. Know what sites to and not to visit. Know what anti-virus to use. Know what addons to get for firefox. Know what anti-spyware you need. Once you covered that, you'll hardly EVER run into a virus.

I have a normal Windows 7 PC with only Avast backing me up, and in the last 3-4 years, I've run into 1 virus. Well, it wasn't a virus. It was a non-threatening spyware. It kept asking me to do a survey. That was it. And you know how easily I destroyed it? Right click > Delete.

If you mess with Piracy, Porn, or anything else "iffy" on a regular basis, you are more likely to catch a virus. But if you know how to set up a computer, you'll hardly ever run into a virus. 99% of viruses are either email spread, video spread, or download spread. All three can be avoided easier than avoiding a turtle.


If you ask a mac user, "What is Linux", they will have no idea. Linux is an open-source, FREE OS, that has more security built into it than Mac's OS. Not all forms of Linux are like that, but a good 75% are. And they're open source. Not everything has to be "Apple approved". Linux is free, and can be put onto nearly any PC. They're more complicated than Macs, sure. But are they worth it? A $500 PC that runs Linux compared to a $2000 Mac? YES.

"Many Linux distributions may outshine both MS Windows and Apple MacOS X by a significant margin"

Then you got the...

MACS are great for video/music editing argument

No. Just because there is a webcam in the monitor doesn't mean it's better. Sony Vegas costs about $50-$100 and works wonders. So you could buy a $500 PC and get Sony Vegas. You saved about $1400.


But, I digress. I believe this is a classic example of Casual vs. Hardcore. The casual person who wants everything spoon fed to him (iOS, Mac, Ipod touch) and the Hardcore person who wants customization, glory, and stuff that's better what the casual are getting (Linux, Android, Windows)
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