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Have you ever played a game and thought to yourself, "I'm really digging this game, but I have no idea why." As someone who pretends to be a critic sometimes, it's a very frustrating feeling.


What’s in this polite package from Japan? I hope it’s ramen!


Listen, Uncle Destructoid: Buy me this and I will write it up so hard...


It's entirely my intention to keep updating the Game Complaint Department even though Destructoid is now my primary home. Anyway, here's a review for La-Mulana, a game that likes to hurt me.


This time of year always gets me feeling nostalgic about my trip to Japan. Hard to believe it was 7 years ago. It's also hard to believe I once had enough money to travel.


Oh, he's a good boy! He deserves ALL the butter!


Gosh, Arino is absolutely abysmal at F-Zero.


TIL that Kid Niki: Radical Ninja had two sequels on the Famicom and the third title is worth north of a hundo. I'm going to need Destructoid to start covering my lavish gaming needs.


I'm happy to see so many people discovering the joy of Paradise Killer. I just want to take a moment to say, "told ya so!"


I get the feeling I’ll be seeing this screen a lot.


Nothing like getting up in the morning to play my Japanese N64 train game.


I've discovered the simple pleasure of playing OutRun with the traffic turned off.


My nephew just told his younger brother "This is a classic" in reference to the Heatman Level Theme from Mega Man 2.


I find it funny that in another decade, I might have to explain to my nephews what a Paperboy even is when I inevitably introduce them to Paperboy on the N64.


I dunno, guys, I'm beginning to think the Clayfighter series just isn't very good. Take for example C2: Judgment Clay which is the video game equivalent of a shrug.


Had to go into the registry to change the resolution on this arthouse game so I could actually read the text. Also found this in there.


Does this review for Rampage 2 make me a Rampage apologist, or does everyone else just like to have their brain tickled every now and again?


When you've already played all the best games in your NES library, where do you go? You hit the licensed games, like I did in this review of RoboCop on the NES.


It's #sadsongsunday. Yay! This one is a staple of mine for when I want to feed the malaise. What better way to start an album than to make yourself feel like you're in a trance of indecisiveness, just being swept along.


I'm alive. It's #SadSongSunday. Jim Guthrie is probably one of the more optimistic artists I listen to, but in his early days, he experimented with a lot of sounds and moods. I think this one is heightened by the fact that you can hear his chair squeak.


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