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Mxyzptlk's Adventures in PAX land


I was extremely excited to be attending my first ever PAX this year. Having my forum mods with me was like icing on an already delicious cake, but sadly it was not all sunshine and sausages in the land of PAX because my dear friend and Forum co-admin, Mxyzptlk could not attend. I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to try out the avatar adoption program I've heard so much about. After a quick trip to the print shop Mxy and I were on our way.

Turns out it was a very good thing that I brought Mxy along, because my lack of picture posting meant that nobody knew who the heck I was. Mxy on the other hand, knew everyone and was welcomed wherever we went. Here's a few pictures of his amazing adventures;

Hanging out with Halo

Fighting inflatable monsters

Confusing cosplay chicks

Checking out Guild Wars 2

Going around being a Nazgul

That was all pretty fun, but Avatar Mxy wanted to spend some time with his community peeps, so we set out to find some. You'd be amazed how quickly people flock to you when you start waving around a pic of a dude in a bowler hat.

Oh hey, it's Ali D and Changston! Hai guys!

Apparently, we hadn't fed Ali yet.

After wresting Avatar Mxy away, I set out to hobnob with some local celebrities. Unfortunately, it seems they hadn't fed Jim Sterling yet either.

Quick side note, Jim did this with no explanation or introduction whatsoever. Thanks Jim!

Having learned from my mistake, Avatar Mxy and I went to grab some lunch so that people would stop trying to eat him. Good thing too, as we soon encountered a shark.

Of course it wouldn't be a proper Destructoid PAX unless we got to meet Mr. D himself.

And we had to put in some face time with our boss.

Prior to leaving Mxy had requested some redhead action, luckily our very own Hollie Bennett fit the bill nicely and can even say "Mxyzptlk" in a way that sounds more sultry than nerdy.

Last I heard Avatar Mxy had met up with some booth babes at the bar. He was last seen rolling out of Seattle in a pimped out caddy and I haven't heard from him since. Wherever he is now I'm sure he's keeping it classy.
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