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How the heck people got paid to do Rogue Warrior?

Hurray me, first post on destructoid.

No seriously, I just wonder why, sometimes, people get paid to do pretty bad games... or even if these people think that they did an awesome job on this game or that game. And don't tell me "not all devs are big, well funded game devs." to that, I call B.S. only because indie gaming has proved me that even the smallest game company can do the best games (Chains, most of the Pixeljunk stuff, Audiosurf, Braid and the list goes on...).

It bring me to the reason why I have decided to share with you guys my hatred towards bad games, the game you should buy and set on fire to save innocent lives. And that game is Rogue Warrior.

The game suuuuuuuck... hard. It fails so hard that you most likely laugh instead of any emotion / feeling the game dev intended. Rebellion is the father of this abomination, and Bethesda Softworks helped spread the plague.

I have played this game with a friend, it gave us a good laugh, but at one point in the game, usually after 5 mins in the first level, you become tired of the "fucks" you keep hearing, which, by the way, is the only good point of this gaming gonhorrea. The controls are unresponsive, the cover system is flawed, the A.I. is between the I.Q of a chair and the usefullness of a snuggie, the game suck, the main character is named Dick, a badass, who should be de-badass'd by now, oh and did I tell you that the game suck?

I mean the game is really bad, really really bad, but still better than Ultraviolet. (That movie was really horrible by the way, and I think it's the only "really bad" movie that is not from Uwe Boll)

It metascore is 30, on the Xbox360, because It got only 29 on both the PC and the PS3.

They used to say "Save a tree, burn a book" in Postal 2. I'd say "Save a geek, burn a Rogue Warrior".

You people better not comment on saying that you love that game. You're lying.

People that honestly love this game deserve a roundhouse kick in the throat. Or a psychiatrist. Or both.
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