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Call of Newbie : Modern Warftube 2


The site said "all it need now is a noob"

I've played the game a lot, been here, done that. I think I played every single mode there is on this game at least 10 times. And I hate grenade launchers.

I understand we need 20 kills to get the masterkey shotgun under the barrel, but enough is enough! That thing can rip you apart in normal games. It is so powerful that some people it as their main weapon, with the scavenger perk. This is ridiculous, how in hell can a firearm accessory become more important than the main weapon!

I've seen people going 50 and 2 with only the grenade launcher. How can they be proud of that! I use the tube only for the challenges, and I feel dirty and coward. Where is the feeling that you owned the guy with bullets!

Oh and they give you the danger close perk which make the tube even more powerful. The same thing, twice the shit.

Hardcore players get killed at the start of the round if the fucker can shoot at the right place, and usually they do.

I have a dream. A dream of noob and skilled player like me sitting at the same table of friendship and prosperity.
I have a dream. A dream of fun games without grenades launchers, because quite frankly they don't belong in online games.

I hate grenade launchers.
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