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10 reasons why I think BF:BC2 will surpass MW2


Yep, I've said it. Having per-ordered Battlefield BC2 on Steam gave me the option to join the ongoing multiplayer beta. I found that the sole map included in BC2's multiplayer beta is much more enjoyable than Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer counterpart, and here are the reasons, ten of 'em.

1- Dedicated servers: No lousy matchmaking system that bugs.

2- No killstreak bonuses: Getting rammed with two harriers plus a chopper gunner or an AC130 isn't fun. I gotta admit that when you are in control of these four things, it's fun :P But you get tags and medals in BC2 for kill streaks.

3- Maps are huge: And they get bigger as you complete objectives. You can play up to 32 people on the same server, which is another plus. Think of it like number 3.5

4- No campers can win: If you camp in BC2, you will most likely lose. (I define camping as people camping when it's not their objective. I.E: You defend M-COM stations in BC2, you are not camping, you are doing your objective, which is to defend the damn stations.)

5- Guns have recoil: You can't spray and be effective in BC2. I ended up killing the sky many times with my assault rifle until I decided to burst.

6- Knives can't be your main weapon: The knife in BC2 is strong, even as strong as MW2's, but you can telewarp to knife and you must be spot on to effectively knife kill. Most of the time, taking a step back and blasting the dude to hell is a smarter decision.

7- Tanks, planes, helicopters, ATVs...: And they aren't overkill machine a la Battlefield 2, where a dude could rape you and your whole family with only one plane. Most of the time, teams have a lot of option to take out these vehicle quickly. I have yet to play a round where we get hammered by one tank, or one helicopter.

8- No perks: You gotta have skill, or else prepare to die a lot.

9- Gravity drop on bullets: Make sniping extra fun and extra rewarding when you headshot a dude from hella far because you aimed an inch higher to compensate the drop. It is also much more realistic... which is my last point.

10- The game is much more realistic: It's a battlefield, plain and simple. You get infantry, vehicle, tanks, and a lot of death. No fancy whatever.

Both games are good, I can't write otherwise. These was my ten reasons why I think that Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be slightly better when It launch this march.

If you played both, just tell me what you think about those two games.
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