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MGS co-ords, Dtoid, SNES, KZ2, Videogame Nation

So I've been real busy lately (still am actually), but I wanted to post multiple things in this blog anyway as it's accumulated. Topic 1) I've been really wanting to post on the front page and c-blogs for the last few days but only had time to skim read while at college. So sorry for any people who didn't get any love on there C-blogs :)

Re-posting as my blog got stuck in between all that spam last night so no one saw it.

From the top, more MGS stuff ("oh ffs.........." I can hear people saying :P ), hear me out :) This theories crazy by the way. Anyway;

Topic 2) I saw this when the teaser site first opened and noticed there were coordinates in the source code, at first I thought nothing off it and passed off as randomness. But I actually searched the coordinates and found it exists in the real world, maybe a possible location of the next game?


Type in 26.112, 71.827 in the coordinates, it's in India

At first I thought maybe that's where the image could have been taken from and be some clue but from Google Earth/maps it doesn't look like it's where it was, unless it's an old image on the teaser site.

There is also another set of coordinates, which do not work unless reversed, in the source code they are 91.69, 96.6677, which doesn't exist. But if you reverse them to 77.669, 96.19 it's above Russia.
At first I thought this was where maybe Shadow Moses island was (actually Bering Sea, left of Alaska) or the Big Shell Incident (how the HELL is that in the Hudson River Kojima? It's in the god damn sea on the game lol, it's 30KM from Manhattan and the Hudson river, that makes no sense as you'd DEFINITELY be able to see land, I can see France from Britain and that's 30KM away).

But it isn't so that's out the window. I was thinking about how much the philosophers legacy was worth as well as the radio frequency's but no match with the coordinates I think, by the way these random ideas popped into my head so thought I'd at least check them out.

Topic 3) Next, what is going on with the site at the moment? In two weeks the sites messed up twice for the home page. The forums are "brb status" < lawl. And I got a load of random code when I entered my password wrong, which before it said "We emailed you blah blah blah......"

Moral of the story, stop tinkering NIERO! :P or someone anyway.

Topic 4) I believe my SNES has passed it's use by date, which should be infinite if you ask me. I've had the urge to play Link to The Past, Starwing and Super Mario World for the last 2 weeks. So I'd thought I'd fire it up but it fails to get an image on my TV. Now I tried cleaning the cables, sockets, everything. I get the red light, I've tried tuning the TV, as well as running the RF cable through the VCR. I also tried using the N64 Multi-Out cable people online have suggested and it definitely is the same extension but on the PAL SNES it won't fit because of the back of the SNES extending out to far. So except get new cables, I hope to god it's not the cartridges or mechanics of the SNES.

Topic 5) I now LOVE Killzone 2, cereally. When I first got it I bought it along with Street Fighter 4, what an epic day that was, to get two AMAZING games, on the same day come out *faints*. Unfortunately I got hooked on SF4 after playing two levels of Killzone 2, as I'd decided I HATED the controls, they were sooooooo slow (compared to COD4, which I loved at the time). So I had a lowly 2% trophies. But I thought after 2 and a half months of putting it off, after everyone's love for KZ2 on here, the FNF's and weeping at that pathetic trophy score sitting amongst my WaW and Mirrors Edge Platinum, and the rest of my games 50% done (I make a vow, once I get the game, within a certain amount of time I get at LEAST 50%, if not 100%, yes, yes I am a trophy whore, and proud), I decided to fire it up, and by god did I love playing it and playing online, Won like 15, lost 1 game, seemed easy enough. Then I went on to play with Dtoid members, go absolutely hammered, but still a hell of a lot of fun.

Then I went on to play the Story, which is epic IMHO, not as good as online, but fun non the less. So Destructoid, I thank you for making me pick up Killzone 2 again, and thanks Yojimbo and Jim, I salute you.

Topic 6) On to the VideoGame Nation event in Manchester, which was a hell of a lot of fun. It's not new games it's just celebrating games in general.

Yes, that does say 2007, but ah well, it's right.

For anyone who lives near Manchester in England (i.e. me and Mushman) they should check this 3 event out. It's not big, but it sure as hell is nostalgic. Everything was there from PC, Atari, Spectrum, Commodore, NES, SNES, PSP, DS, Xbox/360, PS1/2/3, but no Dreamcast :(

The highlight for me was my Micro Machines tournament with my fellow retro classmate Peter Jeffro King (yes that is his name, we call him Jeff normally, sometimes Pete). He won 5-4 unfortunately, but it was a hell of a fight, and incredibly fun. Also I got to rekindle my love of Donkey Kong Country on the SNES (as I don't know where my copies gone, as well as Yoshi's Island god dammit) as I've been wanting to replay it, anyone's got it, I'll buy it.

Also there was 3 person film crew filming for InsideReport.co.uk, they told me they had something to with Indie Games. haven't check out there website yet, will do though.

Also there was a cabinet with some consoles in, (which I so wanted to rob). I have a picture of it I think, dammit I don't, it had an N64, Spectrum, Sega Mega System 2 and a 16-Bit Sega Megadrive. I only got 70+ pictures as it was on my phones TINY memory, if I 'd known I would of taken pictures of a load of other stuff. Also there was a tetrix bed and puzzle which was amazing. My girl friend made a Link out of the tetris blocks but I ran out of Phone Memory :(

There were games there like: Atari Jaguar, Black and White, Broken Sword the Shadow of Templars, Bully, Burning Rubber, Cannon Fodder, Darwinia (win), Egghead in Space, Elite, Fantastic Dizzy and Dizzy 3, Fifa ISS, Geometry wars, Ghosts and Goblins/Arcade Rainbow Islands (on arcade and on another platform), GTA, Head Over Heels, Jetpac, LEGO Indiana Jones/Star Wars, Lost Winds, Micro Machines, Monty on the Run, Operation Wolf, Pacman (old and new), PC Isotope, Project Gotham Racing, Revs Plus, Sensible Soccer, Super Cars, Super Stardust HD, Target Renegade, Tempest 2000, Timeline, Tomb Raider, Wipeout and many more. So pretty much great games.

I want to show you the pictures I took but I have no idea how to make a Gallery in the C-blogs, and as the forums are down, I can't ask anyone, thank you Mr. whoever F'd them up. SO if anyone can tell me, it would be greatly appreciated as I would like to show the Artwork, Quotes and game stands off to everyone. If anyone wants to look at them on my Photobucket account, here's the link;


By the way this event was small, but a hell of a lot of people showed up later, as I went early on a workday so there weren't many people, which was the idea as it was a college trip. Also there's a really cool art gallery showing Manchester's Hidden City two floors up, there was some great city pictures in there, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures.


P.S. Thank you for fixing the edit blog link.
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