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My Top 15 Favourite Games

After seeing Trydan's Youtube video of his top ten games, I felt the need to make my own in reply. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing his favourite games of the last twenty years and so I show you my favourite 15. Enjoy, I really liked making t...


Prophunt, an Introduction and Invitiation

Prophunt is a hunter vs hunted type game-mode, and originated from Garry’s Mod, and has since been adapted to Team Fortress. There are two sides to play as, the Hunters and the Props. My reason for this post? To gain more awareness of thi...


Good news Mac users [Shortblog]

I'm pretty sure you'll soon be getting support for it officially now. Pretty obvious after the OSX files were put into the steam folders. Here are the images and links.


So, MGS: Risings' release date. [Shortblog]

I do believe it hasn't been announced yet. Well if HMV is to be trusted, that date will be the 26th of March, 2010. They could just have out that up there as a guess and not got word from Konami, but it's worth speculating if it really is i...


Attention all British people. Facepalm alert.

It's an annoying coincidence that this has popped up as I was about to write about how games have helped me through the tough times in life, but bloody Peter Mandelson and his Empire have struck again. YAAAAY Britain..... GOD FUCKING DAMMI...


Modern Warfare 2: The Sentry Gun

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who hadn't seen it. I just noticed it a minute ago. I spotted it on the Steam page after looking at the story about Infinity Ward using Steamworks. Now I don't know what this entails, but...


Nerdrage: Check [Shortblog]

What. The. Hell. Activision. So today Activision decided to raise the price of Modern Warfare 2, on PC. Brilliant. Cheers Booby Koshit for being a greedy bastard. And don't blame it on the recession. The price is now $60/£45 on PC. In ...


Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Wow. Long absence is long. Hey Destructoid, thought I'd give you all a heads up that you can get Operation Flashpoint [2]: Dragon Rising for a ridiculously cheap price from Amazon for PC. I almost wrote Operation Flashpoint [2]: Dead Ris...


NVGR [S-Blog]...unless you are a PC Gamer I guess

This blog is news about the chart Microsoft released for Windows 7. The chart shows how you will upgrade from Windows Vista OR XP to 7 depending on which bit version you have (so 32 and 64 bit) as well as which model (Home Basic/Premium, Bu...


My Advice for Sony

Long time no blog Dtoid. It's been nearly a month now since I last blogged as I've just been lazy and playing games, as well as having nothing that sparked my mind into creating something. I'm not sure how to start this so I'll just delve r...


Sony Patents Objects [Shortblog]

Wow, feels like it's been a long time since I blogged, and it's only been two weeks and two days. Playing games, replying to people on here and finishing off college has been a big time eater, but well worth it. So onto the topic, which I'...


Shoop or no shoop? [Shortblog]

Whad'ya think ladies and gentleman? Shopped or not shopped? (Edit: I'm actually finding it hard to find these two pictures of the actors on the internets, also, not hotlinked anymore) Even though they may not be the best suited acted fo...


Why I should start collecting....

VIDYA GAMEZ!!!!!!! First off I'll say this, props to Funktastic, ChillyBilly and everybody else who collects or religiously collects games. One day I will (hopefully) be like you; gods of memorabilia. Now in England, where I live anyway, ...


Why Killzone 2 has changed a lot

in the last 1-3 weeks. The reason being is because of updates. For those not in the loop what happened is; 1) the Air Support was made "better" by improving how much damage it did. 2) the Assault class was made weaker Now by all means th...


PSN adds, playing devils' advocate + MGO team

So it's 1am on Friday morning, and I've had 5 hours sleep since Sunday midday so I very tired, as I have been working like crazy to do work for college. So forgive me if this blog is fail or shit. PSN First off, I would like to let people...


To save or not to save?

So it's nearly 4am, I should be working, and I'm playing my beloved Commander Keen 4: Secrets of the Oracle. And as I progressed through the game I thought to myself; Where do you draw the line on saving? As people who have played Command...


First off is Music, but not what you'd expect. After looking at Kojima's Teaser site for the umpteenth time to decipher some more stuff, I started to listen to some music in Winamp like I do everyday. But I forgot to close down the website...


MGS co-ords, Dtoid, SNES, KZ2, Videogame Nation

So I've been real busy lately (still am actually), but I wanted to post multiple things in this blog anyway as it's accumulated. Topic 1) I've been really wanting to post on the front page and c-blogs for the last few days but only had time...


About Zippydudaone of us since 11:43 AM on 04.03.2009

Hey :] Call me Zippy :]

I have been told I'm an odd fellow, which is nice :) Loving Dtoid, been here for nearly a year now and I'm so glad I found a real community :D I feel more welcomed here than I have anywhere else.

I love all games new and old hence why I still have and play on my Spectrum, SNES, N64, PS1,2, Gameboy and more. I also have the rest of the N64/SNES games that I don't have in Physical form in Emulation form. I play PC a lot too. Check out Mame32 for a lot of classic very old arcade games.

On PC I mainly play TF2, GTA and L4D1/2. On PS3 I mainly play Killzone 2, Street Fighter 4, Mirrors Edge, Little Big Planet and a load more. Plus a lot of mini games, I play those a lot too.

I've currently just finished studying a BTEC in Game, Art and Media Design and now enjoying my holiday.

What I am playing at the moment (Steam ID: The_End21 or |LZ| Zippy):
Team Fortress 2, Worms: Reloaded

PSN: Gladiator_21

What I am reading at the moment:
Bill Hicks: Love All The People (a foreword)

What I am watching at the moment:
A lot of films.

What I am listening to at the moment:
Shpongle, The Knife and Felt.

My favourite games/series of all time:
Too many games to list, I have that list saved though.

A piece of my digital artwork:

Original here:

My old poker avatar, I'm Zippyduda for Poker too: