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About ZeroSignal620one of us since 2:19 PM on 02.29.2008

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this thing.

I'm 23 and have recently graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration. At the moment, I'm just currently working a small retail job while waiting for my girlfriend to get her Masters Degree. On my free time, I enjoy gaming and music more than anything else.

Some of my Favorite Games of All Time
- Super Mario Bros. 3
- Star Tropics
- Kirby's Adventure
- Mega Man 3
- Duck Tales
- Tecmo Super Bowl

- Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
- Super Mario World
- Kirby Super Star
- Final Fantasy VI
- Super Punch Out!!

Nintendo 64
- Goldeneye 007
- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
- WWF No Mercy
- Super Mario 64
- Star Fox 64
- Space Station Silicon Valley
- Mischief Makers

- Final Fantasy IX
- Final Fantasy VII
- Star Ocean: The Second Story
- Metal Gear Solid
- Final Fantasy Tactics
- Front Mission 3
- Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

My favorite albums ever made (in no order)
- Ride the Lightning by Metallica
- ...And Justice for All by Metallica
- Dirt by Alice in Chains
- Scenes from a Memory by Dream Theater
- Demanufacture by Fear Factory
- Superunknown by Soundgarden
- Thirteenth Step by A Perfect Circle
- Damnation by Opeth
- Screaming for Vengeance by Judas Priest
- Lateralus by Tool

Other things I enjoy outside gaming/music
- South Park
- Arrested Development
- Conan O'Brien
- Football (huge Cowboys and Panthers fan here)
- College Basketball (I bleed Carolina blue)
- Movies, and lots of them
- Off and on viewer of pro wrestling (when Edge, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho all retire, I'm done forever)
- Reading (currently reading The Restaurant at the End of the Universe)

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