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Zero Cool Episode 29: Unusual Nakamura


First off, I apologize for the huge delay in getting this episode out. I just started a new job, so I have to get things in order before I figure out when to edit this thing. Secondly, Podbean wasn't letting me upload the episode through the normal means, so I ended up having to get an FTP program. But anyway, onto what we talked about!

* Jordan wastes government spending in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.
* The new Mortal Kombat is actually pretty good!
* Oblivion has not held the test of time.
* Blocks that Matter is one of the rare good Xbox Live Indie Games.
* Plants vs. Zombies multiplayer is good, but should be online.
* Darren will never shut up about Battlestar Galactica.
* 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors has a really fantastic story.
* Sean is a Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes online bulldozer.
* Sean and Jordan talk for a bit about the Red Faction: Armageddon demo.
* Civilization is coming to Facebook, and Sean is the go-to guy for Civ.
* Tactical Soldier Undead Rising has one of the best names in gaming.
* Imaginary Range is hard to describe, and that's not helped by the game's title.
* Gratuitous Space Battles is pretty aptly named.
* Break! (Music: Bushlands Remix from Cave Story 3D)
* Ms. 'Splosion Man's 2 Girls, 1 Controller mode looks mind boggling, literally.
* We talk about Valve's game design philosophy for a bit.
* PSN is back! It will still take some time to heal everything.
* Modern Warfare 3 information came out.
* Juegos Rancheros!
* We briefly discuss sportsmanship on Xbox Live.
* Listener questions!

So as usual, stream the show below, download it here, or subscribe to us on iTunes! And so we don't just talk to ourselves all the time, check out our forum section!

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