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Perhaps They Should've Delayed FFXV

(FFXV Spoiler Free) Yes, we’ve already had to wait practically a decade for this title to release in what was to be the Fabula Nova Crystallis series which didn’t exactly pan out. Nowadays “games as services” ar...


Destiny 2 Presentation Impressions

Despite not playing the game in over two years, Destiny has always been an oddity of a game to me. As I had written in a previous blog post, I left the game understanding that it wasn’t for me. As a solo player Destiny wasn&rsquo...


Looking Back On Destiny

I'm late on this subject and super procrastinated on posting it. This was written before the Destiny 2 premiere and that I'll have a follow up for later.  I bring up this subject in response to the recent review of Desti...


Lost Dimension - Review

Mysteries have always had a big place of intrigue for me. I love piecing together clues, solving puzzling scenarios, tracking down a prime suspect in both film and game. I've always tried reading between the lines in games that have a stor...


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