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So I've been working on making a game through RPG maker. Just a quick one to understand the engine for a larger project after. It's giving me a moment to study level design and world building in JRPGs. What makes your favorite JRPG unique/interesting?


I know pokemon is around the corner... But I'm heavily considering picking up Digimon Cyber Sleuth instead/as well. I missed out on the first go, but I'm curious how much has Digimon changed or grown over the years and hear good things.


trying to avoid Destiny 2 and continue to bury myself in FFXIV. D1 burned me too bad, and D2 is putting up a rather convincing argument!


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Hello, my name is Alex Russ and I'm what I'd like to think a connoisseur of gaming. I play them all, but indie titles have a big soft spot for me! I'm open to share my opinions (personal opinions I don't represent anyone at all) here with each topic that I post. My aim is to speak about games, game culture, and hot topics in the industry.

Otherwise, FGC competitor and fan, I capture the monsters for pockets, and slay all them flying wyverns. The better half of the Battlefield Bro Squad!... yea! @zerosyndicate