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So...what's up with that Zer0t0nin guy?

"Where's the next part of Bargain Binge?" "Anything else to write?" "Why have your comments become so infrequent?" "Why are you posting again?"

Well, I know I've become somewhat of a rarer sight on this page and my blogging activity turned into something non-existent.

Well, I have neither abandoned gaming nor Destructoid. I just happen to undergo some psychological rehabilitation. I've waited pretty long for this opportunity and of course: when it came, it came on VERY short notice.�

Sadly, as well as it might be for one's psyche to be there, the internet connection is...uhm...well...do you remember those times when you had to wait five minutes for a picture to load?

So yeah: I'm not gone, I just have to sort some stuff from my past.

See you on the next blog...I got some ideas already.
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