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Quick Look: TrackMania Nations Forever

I spent yesterday home sick from work, and had still not yet picked up a copy of Gran Turismo Prologue. This could have made for a dull day indeed. The I remembered, a much less hyped, or heralded, or realistic racer was available to sate m...


Backstory to My C-Blog Title...

...or: How I Misspent My Youth. (My Entry for RetRose Tinted: Corrective Lenses Competition) When I hear people talk about their childhood relationships with their parents, at least when they talk about the "good times", I tend to see the ...


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About Me...

I'm closer to 40 than I am to 30 (a lot closer), and reside currently in Phoenix, AZ, where daylight savings time is but a figment of the imagination. I grew up and lived my first 30 years in Pittsburgh, PA, and I still consider it my "Home Town" even though the place looks less and less familiar every time I go back for a visit. I have degrees in Video Production (never used it), and Multimedia Technology (used it in an offhanded kind of way), and usually make a living dealing with computers and the people who use them.

About Me and the things I'm into...

I'm into video games, natch, and I'll expand upon that in the next section. I'm into Pinball as well, and finally achieved a long time goal of owning my own table - a 1995 Bally Attack From Mars. I love music - GOOD MUSIC, which I have discovered exists in almost every conceivable genre. I'll throw down some favorites in a bit as well. I used to be a vacuum for pop culture, but I've just sort of soured on a lot of it lately, so I'm a lot more spotty bast the mid-late 90's.

About Me and Video Games...

Been playing them since the days of discreet logic games (That means Space War, Pong and similar ancient arcade and home systems to you youngins). My first home system was a dedicated Atari Stunt Cycle, and not too long after I received an Atari VCS, and later moved to gaming on a C-64, Apple ][e, and Amiga 500 before moving to a proper PC. So yeah, over 30 years of wasting my time with video games, and not a single regret thus far - except Unreal Tournament 2003 - that game blew.

About Stuff I Play...

Team Fortress 2
Flash Puzzle Games

Guitar Hero 3
Almost every demo they put up on the PS store

Carnival Games (seriously. it was a gift, but I do play it)
A smattering of VC games

About the tunes I listen to...

I spent my undergrad years in college working at the University radio station, where I had stints as Music Programming Director, and Station Manager. As such, I am an unrepentant music snob. That doesn't mean I don't listen to some crappy music, it just means I'm more likely to admit it's crappy than you are. I'm pretty open to most genres, but 'pop' music in almost any form (be it the traditional top 40 variety, or what sadly passes for country or R&B these days), is mostly annoying. Progressive Rock / Metal, Old School Hip-Hop, and Hard Bop Jazz, would probably be my top three. Lately I've become obsessed with Mashups, or Bastard Pop, as it is also commonly known, where DJ's take 2 or more songs from multiple artists and remix them into entirely new works. You really haven't lived until you hear Pink's "Get This Party Started" vocal laid over Black Sabbath's "Supernaut". And that's just the proverbial tip of the iceberg...