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Probably My Favourite Game Ever


Damn right it's Happy Feet 2!

Happy Feet 2 is a game about dancing penguins that dance and solve puzzles. The main objective of most levels is to dance your way(by holding the square button) to an obstacle, then ground-pounding to solve said puzzle. Yes, all puzzles are solved by ground pounding. Sometimes there are other cool missions though, like a bobsled-style race into the ocean. Although, that race can be beaten without pressing any buttons. There are also cool quick time event dancing sequences where you have a dance off with some penguin who thinks he's tough shit! You'll never top my moves asshole!

Perhaps the only downfall of the game is, sadly, the story. As you may know, Happy Feet 2 takes place in Alaska. And as you should know, penguins don't live in Alaska, in fact they live on the opposite side of the world! In Antarctica! That's just lazy writing if you ask me, knowing the facts on the animals in your game is a must.

Aside from the lazy writing though, it does kinda make up for it in it's cutscenes. Cutscenes are done in this cool avant garde way, where it's not a video, it's just moving stills of penguins while they talk to each other about the hardship of being a penguin or something. I don't really remember because, if I'm being honest, I was high the whole time I played.

There is also co-op! The co-op makes the game twice as good, because then you're guaranteed to have at least TWO dancing penguins on screen at all times.

Which brings me to my next point. Along the way in each level you pick up more penguin friends on your journey. In fact it's mandatory to get your penguin buddies, because sometimes there is a minimum penguin limit to advance to the next stage of the level. I must say, having 5, 6, or 7 dancing penguins all in your troupe is a fucking good time.

+ It's got penguins
+ It's got dancing
+ co-op
+ It's adorable

- Alaska

All in all I'd give the game 7.5 radical headbangs and a sticker that reads "Rockin'"

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