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New RetroforceGO! ringtone

Episode 73 of RetroforceGO! ended with one of the most entertaining moments in RetroforceGO! history. I've decided to trap that moment in time with a ringtone that melds that moment and the new "end theme" for RetroforceGO! Check it out he...


Quick Draw iPhone game: UPDATED

I managed to get into the beta of a new online iPhone game called Quick Draw. It's a Pictionary-esque mutliplayer game that is pretty fun. While it's definitely a casual game, it's great to have on your iPod Touch or iPhone and be able to...


Dragon Quest ringtones

I had some more free time today, so I whipped up some Dragon Quest ringtones. The fight one is kind of cool, but still not as cool as the Punch Out Fight I did yesterday. I put a link to the ringtones in the "about me" section on the righ...


New ringtones

I took the time tonight to make a few new video game ringtones. You can find them all here: It should be the top entry on that page, titled: "Video game ringtones, part 2"


Ringtones have moved

I've got a new blog and all of my ringtones are now hosted there. So, to check 'em out just go here: I've also updated my previous posts to point to the new link.


RetroforceGO! Ringtones

I made these a couple weeks ago, and meant to share them with everyone then. But, due to my hectic IRL schedule, I was unavailable to post them during the commenting phase of the last couple podcasts, and figured they'd get lost in the po...


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I have an unhealthy obsession with Nathan Fillion and I want to be Gambit. Also, I'm a cylon.

iPhone Game Center gamertag: Zepfhyr

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