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Giant Mega-NARP this weekend at MAGFest!


If you were planning on spending another New Yearís Eve trolling NeoGAF while downing leftover egg nog, please first reconsider your life, then head down to Alexandria, Virginia to celebrate the earliest days of 2010 surrounded by rad videogames, loud music and swell folks.

Now in its 8th year, MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) is an annual gathering of videogame composers, chip musicians, artists, remixers, gamers and fans. The Fest kicks off on New Years Eve and goes non-stop until January 4th. So after running myself ragged last week at Blip Festival, the next logical step is obviously to jump on a Mega Bus and head to Virginia for four more days of alcoholism, hearing loss and sleep deprivation.

I wonít be alone, though ó My pals from the Destructoid community will have a considerable presence at the Fest, traveling in packs from Maryland, New York, Boston and New Jersey. Somehow, amid all of this madness, Iíll be playing two live shows and running an LSDJ/chipmusic workshop. Thatís of course in addition to all of the other fabulous concerts, panels and special events occurring throughout the weekend.
Put simply, MAGFest is the ideal setting for what promises to be a truly epic NARP.

And NARP we shall. Be sure to check the MAGFest website for more details, and definitely consider showing up for a night or two if you live in the nearby area. As a 2-year MAGveteran, I can assure you that good times will be had.
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