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See Ya, GDC. Hello, PAX East

I�m still not fully recovered from all of the rad stuff that went on last week at GDC in San Francisco (see some of my coverage here, here and here), but nevertheless, I�m headed to Boston this weekend for PAX East. The chip showcase we ...


Giant Mega-NARP this weekend at MAGFest!

If you were planning on spending another New Year�s Eve trolling NeoGAF while downing leftover egg nog, please first reconsider your life, then head down to Alexandria, Virginia to celebrate the earliest days of 2010 surrounded by rad vid...


Countdown to Blip Festival 2009

It�s spreading. Slowly but surely, it�s infecting all of us. Can you feel it? No, not that weird rash on your inner thigh. That�s gross. In fact, you should probably get that checked out. I�m talking about Blip Fever, a highly metaphorica...


PAX Indie Spotlight: What is Bothering Carl?

Despite the enormous number of games exhibited earlier this month at Seattle�s Penny Arcade Expo, only one of them could claim the description of interactive children�s storybook. Created by toymaker, artist and programmer Andy Hull, What...


Attract Mode�s gaming culture shop opens

Super-rad videogame culture blog Attract Mode has finally opened its online shop, offering an abundance of quality game-related art, apparel, music and other assorted sundries. Some items of note: * Life-size prints by pixel artist ...


Super-special PULSEWAVE show this weekend

The folks over at The Tank and 8bitpeoples have one hell of a show planned for New York chipmusic fans this weekend. This Saturday, an onslaught of international chiptune talent will converge in Manhattan�s Hell�s Kitchen for a very speci...


Music Monday: Happy 20th, Earthbound!

It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since Mother, the game that started Shigesato Itoi's quirky RPG trilogy debuted on the Japanese Famicom. When I first played Earthbound (Mother 2) for the SNES, I was immediately stricken by t...


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