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Hacking Yourself Trophies For The PS3, It Really Does Everything!

I was reading Kotaku, and came across an article claiming the new jailbreak for the PS3 allows hackers to give themselves trophies.

The article can be found here http://kotaku.com/5734099/ps3-hack-dispenses-trophies-galore

I am of course elated for this, I despise trophies. I am a gamer, and those shiny trophies call to me. I just have to have them.

I spent hours, finding every single one of those God damn wanted posters in Mafia II, and yet sometimes trophies are so impossible or frustrating that, IMO they weaken games for me.

An example of this in Resistance 2, I have one trophy left and that is the 10,000 kills in online multi player matches. When you find a match and it's almost always 6 vs. 6 it takes sooooo, ooohh, sooo , long.

More recently in Call of Duty: Black Ops I have been stuck need the two trophies you get in Nazi Zombies. I had tried valiantly to get it with a friend on my friends list and we tried over twenty times and came up short. Then I tried finding friends to play zombies with, and 9 times out of 10 the randoms will die before we get past the tenth round. I will probably get it eventually but it has turned zombie modes from a fun experience to a frustrating mess all because of those stupid fucking trophies.

So bring on the hacks, I will get those trophies. I may not have lucked into getting the right weapons at the right time in Black Ops, I may not have bought R2 early enough to get into the large matches but I put in the time, those trophies are mine!
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