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The Smash Dojo site URLs show something interesting. It's a secret to everybody!


If you've been religiously following the Smash Dojo updates, much like I have, you'll have noticed that each respective character series has gotten its own icon which would appear in the header of each of the new posts. For instance, Sonic's icon is the hedgehog head:

The URL being http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_20.gif.

Now if we take a look at the URL itself, you'll notice that sonic franchise has been designated as "World B 20." Not exactly earth-shattering news, but bear with me for the time being.

Okay, so now we do the same the other characters, putting each world in its numerical order and we get the list that follows:

01 - Smash Emblem
02 - Donkey Kong Series
03 - Starfox Series
04 - Kirby Series
05 - F-Zero Series
06 - Metroid Series
07 - Mother Series
08 - Pokemon Series
09 - The Legend of Zelda Series
10 - Mario Series
11 - Yoshi Series
12 - Fire Emblem Series

14 - Ice Climbers Series
15 - Animal Crossing Series
16 - Wario Series
17 - Metal Gear Solid Series
18 - Kid Icarus Series

20 - Sonic The Hedgehog Series

Great, but whats with the missing numbers 13 and 19? The URL doesn't show anything so obviously they haven't uploaded anything to it yet, but still why the gaps? Lets take another look at this.

Excluding world 01 since it isn't technically a series, we look at 2 through 12 and 14 and note that each of these series are representative of a veteran character from Melee. But 13 is missing... and what is the only series that hasn't been shown here but was in Melee. Mr. Game & Watch. Makes perfect sense to me.

All that remains are 15 through 20 and the mysterious absence of number 19. Animal Crossing, Wario Ware, Metal Gear Solid, and Kid Icarus, all of which are new series to Brawl. It would be safe to assume that 19 will be a new series as well. Hmmm... from the looks of it, it doesn't look like we'll be able to discern any predictions from first glance. BUT WAIT! Let's take those series and change them to their translated Japanese names, giving us:

Animal Forest (literal translation from Dobustu no Mori)
Made in Wario
Metal Gear Solid
Myth of Light: The Mirror of Palutena (literal translation from Hikari shinwa: Parutena no Kagami)
Sonic The Hedgehog

What does this show us? The names are in alphabetical order. Which would mean that the next series would fall somewhere between M and S. The candidates: NiGHTS, Pikmin, Pac-man, Punch-Out, and Rockman.

Interesting, yes?


Yikes, I actually had no idea this was already deduced on Smashboards. The whole concept behind the clog post was inspired from regular discussions between a friend and myself, both of us are large Smash fans and avidly look for dojo posting patterns. I may have ended up unintentionally reinventing the wheel, but I certainly didn't steal the idea. Just so we're clear, 'kay?

I wouldn't find it necessarily hard to believe that multiple people could find patterns in image urls since it isn't exactly rocket science. Either way, it is not as though I'm profiting from this in any way, nor did I attempt to spread this anywhere beyond the D-toid community. Besides, speculating whats coming next is half the fun of the Smash Dojo.

Also, regarding the content of some parts of the theory itself. Many people keep trying to say that Captain Falcon is #13, which isn't true as the F-zero series is represented by #5. Odds are, the G&W series is still #13, just be sure to note that just because a series has an icon doesn't necessarily mean that that series also has a character included in Brawl, (ex. Pictochat) although I wouldn't discount the possibility.

As far as the alphabetization of the new series, I realize that in Japanese syllabary starts with was s. However I know that Japanese websites still use Roman characters when using scripts online. Rather than listing the names phonetically in English from Japanese, I explored the idea that Kid Icarus could have been translated as seen above. Since it fit the english pattern, I figured it would be worth mentioning. Take it with a grain of salt if you must, just realize that it still means we're getting another character from a new series. (Pictochat obviously disrupts this theory, its however worth noting that 19 was probably skipped for a reason so we could still be seeing a major stage or character from a new series.)
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