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New Captain Rainbow videos featuring Little Mac and Takamaru!

The more I see of this game, the more I want it. However, if the way NOA handled Mother 3 tells us anything, I would be hesitant to get my hopes up. Even more so after seeing the translated trailer featuring Birdo, aka Catherine the transvestite in Japan, as he struggles over finding love interests. I'm not too sure how NOA would touch this matter, since here in a America gratuitous blood and violence is OK but a little sexual ambiguity or controversy will have Fox News pounding away at your front door.

While simply asking for a localization will probably only give us a vague answer or some bullshit marketing spin, I have to admire the possibilities for this game. In case you were unaware, Captain Rainbow is a game centered around protagonist Nick who wishes to restore his grandeur as a super hero. From the looks of things Nick travels to an island inhabited by has-been and overlooked Nintendo characters including Birdo, Little Mac, Takamaru, and even the NES Golf guy as they struggle with their problems much like himself. Check out the translated trailers below:

EDIT: To see the translations, you'll need to view the videos on the Youtube page. Youtube has some kind of subtitling option now but it doesn't appear to work on embedded videos.

This looks like it may be a weekly video release so we may very well be seeing more obscure characters pop up from the Nintendo archives. Sukapon anyone?
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