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New Brawl News and Possible Info Leak

After a week of no Dojo updates it’s almost as if we’ve forgotten about Brawl entirely- ha, I kid. We all know that would never happen. While many of us were off gleefully playing with our new games received over the holiday Sakurai gave us the slip assuming that our bloodthirsty quench for new Brawl info would dwindle with our new temporary preoccupations. Luckily, I have seen through Sakurai’s crafty scheme and shall resuscitate you, my Brawl brethren, with some new Brawl information and musings.

Under most circumstances, I would avoid any Brawl speculation on the Gamefaqs forum like the plague; however, there has been one notable post by a user named Chaos Zero which has some ground for being a legitimate information leak. His original post on October 31st goes as follows:

Ok, I'm not trying to get attention here or anything, but I've got some insider news.

I can't give proof, and if I could I wouldn't. I thought it was bull until Monday.

I was told there was a stage creator. So far, this news has been correct. So check this out...

He said Wolf was in the game. (I don't even like Wolf, so I don't care.)

Falco is returning.

Ganondorf is returning.

Captain Falcon is returning.

Lucario is taking Mewtwo's Place.

Ness is returning.

Zelda can turn into Sheik.

And there are these items called "Dragoon Parts" I did some research and apparently they're from Kirby's Air Ride. Supposedly, if you collect all three parts you can do some devastating move where you control a crosshair and do a crazy rush or something.

Oh and Final Destination is back.

I wish there was more info squeezed out, but there wasn't. If you don't want to believe, don't. I know there's a lot more to be revealed besides this anyway. Let time prove it, as it has begun to.

Unfortunately for Chaos Zero, his posts struck a chord with the mods for whatever reason and he was continually modded:

Given his rebuttal with the mod, it certainly doesn’t sound like he’s the run of the mill gfaqs troll so I’ll give him that much. But the thing that really draws attention to his post was the information regarding the Dragoon. First off, there has never been an item in Smash Bros. that would require you to collect constructible items to use. It is however true that the Dragoon had to be assembled in Kirby’s Air Ride from three parts but nowhere in the game are you able to control crosshairs and do a rush attack with it. I find it hard to dismiss this as coincidence given such unfounded detail.

Now that Brawl is only 20 days away in Japan and 37 days away for us in the States (sucks for you people in PAL territories), that means we only have 14 Dojo updates left till release. At this point I think its safe to say that all the revealed characters thus far, with possible exception to Snake and Sonic, are going to be the game’s starting roster. I say that simply because if he were going to reveal all the characters, we would have more that 23 right now. Plus if you check the Japanese Melee site you’ll notice that Sakurai decided to profile the unlockable characters after the release date of November 21st. But wait! If you’ve seen my Icon Theory, you’ll have noticed that we’re still missing series number 13 and series number 19. While I still surmise that 13 is the Game & Watch series, it doesn’t necessarily mean that G & W will be playable, we may just end up with the G & W stage, much like with have the Animal Crossing and the DS icon as numbered series but with stages only. As far as know, series 19 could be practically anything. Just bet on another series being incorporated into Brawl somehow by January 24th. A part of me still wants it to be Megaman, even it doesn’t seem likely. Surfer Girl even said it could happen and whatever she says always happens, right??!!!! I’m off to ready my flaming torch and pitchfork if not…

Now finally… Here you thought this entire week we weren’t going to get any new Brawl info whatsoever. It just so happens that Japan had a playable Brawl demo much like our E4 All at the recent JumpFesta. Here’s a list of new things recently discovered:

New Assist Trophies include:
-Duster from Mother 3
-Rosalina (She throws around star bits that can be used to recover health)
-Sothe from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Does a somersault kick)
-A group of Pegasus Knights from Fire Emblem (I’m guessing either Fiora/Farina/Florina or Sigrun/Tanith/Marcia)
-Jill Dozer
-Birdo (Shoots eggs... yeah didn't see that coming)
-Tingle (Doesn’t do anything other than dance around and shout)
-Raiden (Uses a sword attack then disappears)

New Items:
-Clock – slows down your opponents but may also backfire onto you instead
-Soccer Ball – bursts into flames when kicked

New Pokemon:
-Metagross (allegedly uses earthquake)
-Regigigas (uses Crush Claw)

New Music:
-Theme from Bern in FE7

That just about wraps it up. Here’s to hoping that all this new info isn’t covered in the remaining updates on the Dojo!
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