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Ever wonder what Link would sound like if he spoke? Here's your answer...

Odds are, if you happen to follow any current or mainstream anime, you probably already know. As it turns out, Link's voice actor, Nobuyuki Hiyama does more than the standard fare of video game voices (Joe Higashi in KoF for the Japanese version anyway), most notably if you have been watching Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann or Bleach. Both characters he does are pretty much their respective series' resident bad asses. And since most of his characters sound similiar, should Nintendo decide to have Link speak (don't count on it), he would probably sound similar in the Japanese version.

First of we have Viral, from Gurren-Lagann. An awesome series by the way, I completely recommend watching it if you have nothing better to do. Listen for the trademark Link style "Hyaaaaa," "Hiiiiht," and such when Viral makes his introduction. He's the blonde beastman with the sharp teeth and cleavers.

Another little easter egg Gainex decided to add to this series was a little Zelda throwback when Viral is seeing an "alternate reality" in the second to the last episode of the show where he is seen with a prospective wife.

Nobuyuki Hiyama's other prolific voiced character would be Bleach's Madarame Ikkaku. A bit of a histrionic bad ass, much like Viral. Seeing much of a pattern here?

That's pretty much it. Still pretty cool though. I hope I've ruined the magic for you.
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