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Epic new Smash video


Wow. Looks we have some nice 1v1 action going on. At this point I couldn't care less on how many characters we're getting simply because the gameplay looks so well done. Unlike most of the E4All and JumpFesta vids, we get a fairly comprehensive look at competent smashers in action with a little Mario vs. Sonic, a few free for alls, and Snake vs. Link. Sonic loses points for being a smug asshole and getting KOed mid-taunt, but goddamn is that thing fast. We also get a first extended look at Snake fighting. I'm also slightly impressed with the Snake combo of using his down smash (setting C4), using the sleeper move on Link, and then detonating. Other than that, Lucas looks to be promising with a good VA, along with a faster PK Freeze (compared to Ness's PK Flash), in addition to increased PK Thunder launch distance.

Just from listening I have to say the music really stands out, this being one of the few times we've gotten clips were there isn't annoying announcers and background noise, the MGS music and Delfino Plaza music most notably. Only seven more days! (Until we get teased some more with new info!)
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