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The "My Setup" post about my setup. (LOTS O' PICs)

Well I recently moved into a house with my friend, so it's no longer my room...but my HOUSE I'l be snapping shots of. YAY!
First up-

Thats what you see when you first walk in..a 52 inch Samgsung Awesome. Im not sure what the name was (roomate bought it and such...but the Awesome sounds better). Note the PS3, 360(With HD-DVD player), and Wii (with blasters...and 360 game on it)

I like Godzilla.

Closer look at my systems...OMG IS that a GENESIS IN THE back? yep, with mutherfucking BATTLESHIP.

GAmes. I took picutres of all three sides, but didnt want to overflow the Blog with pictures. Note the difference between 360 and Ps3........

Too much Win? No, Not enough win.

That's enough Win. Just enough..

Teh BluRayz and Genesis games =)

Couch= Comfy as shit.

Why the hell not... another TV shot..

Movies. I have them.

My Room. Things to note: Im still in the process of getting posters over here. Or another TV and mount it. I dont know how my blanket became twisted to hell like that. Pip-Boy sticker on Laptop.

Corner #2, with DS rack of stuff, more posters, and more blur.

Third and Final corner, with moar batman and bioshock.

Well that seems to be it. Hope ya'll enjoy.
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