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Introductory post

Hello Dtoid, It's about time I started this blog, I've been a lurker and reader for a long time. The tipping point was my boy JamesOn starting his blog. Check out the PC he's building. I wouldn't classify myself as a hardcore gamer, but...


About Zatsugaone of us since 8:38 PM on 03.19.2008

About me: College graduate to be (soon!). Hardcore gamer by some standards (I have played games online ZOMG). Also a huge sports fan and moviegoer. XBox Live Gamertag 'Zatsuga' is pronounced Zat-soo-ga, it has unintentionally been misinterpreted as 'that sugar,' which I will respond to in a pinch.

Current systems: XBox 360 (most played), non-gaming-centric laptop, PS2, N64, PSOne, SNES.

Primary game-played right now is: Team Fortress 2 on 360, lag and all.