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Motion Controls: A Good Thing

Through articles, forums and podcasts I�ve heard almost nothing other than the opinion that motion controls are trivial. The main complaints are that the motion controls are either simply used in place of a more efficient button press or used for mindless mini game collections. While I can�t say that motion controls aren�t used in that manner, those reasons are not enough to condemn them completely. Nothing is forcing you to play games with motion controls either, it�s a choice that you make.

Yet in despite any inclinations of this, for some reason certain vocal forum goers and article commenters seem to have gotten the idea in their head that motion controls are going to completely replace standard control methods. Though this is, of course, a completely ridiculous idea. While developers can be heavily influenced by the publisher�s wishes, the developers still make the games. EA may publish Valve games, but they�re not going to try and force motion controls into games because a focus group says that it may be a good idea.

I realize that Valve is a poor example, but it�s about emphasis. Gamers make games. If a gamer thinks that motion controls are an unnecessary edition, they won�t be essential if they�re even in the game at all. Double Fine didn�t force motion controls into Stacking or Trenched but Once Upon a Monster looks like it wouldn�t work without them. Skyward Sword is fully integrating motion controls into the Zelda experience but Kirby�s Epic Yarn was a blast without them.

I really enjoy motion controls in good games, but I believe that the key to a good motion controlled game is not through completely new gameplay concepts. We don�t need new experiences to use this new technology as some of the best examples of good motion control have been completely tired and abandoned ideas. These game genres have been mostly passed aside until motion controls were able to breath new life into them.

Dance Central was one of the best experiences I had last year. It wasn�t this original concept that swept my living room by storm, it was the natural evolution of Dance Dance Revolution, Bust a Groove, or Pump it Up. Zak and Wiki didn�t simplify point and click adventure games, but it did add a new way to interact with the world and create a new spin on a genre that I�ve always enjoyed. Child of Eden created an even more immersive experience than Rez could though its motion controls. These titles utilized the new technology to refine old experiences and were excellent because of it.

The games are the star of the show, whether they have motion controls or not is inconsequential. Sega ran Sonic into the ground way before they had the chance to replace all of the controls with the infamously needless and annoying waggle and sports games were a major turn off for most before Wii Sports arrived to offer a different and hopefully desirable way to play. Motion controls aren�t going anywhere but neither are traditional controls they�re just another option.

While it may be disappointing that the new Zelda game is only playable with motion controls, if you want to play it you�re going to have to use them. It�s the same as if you want to watch live sports, you have to deal with the commercials. If you don�t like it you can play a different Zelda game or something else entirely, just as you can watch highlights or a rerun of the game, but then you miss out on that experience. You can play through Child of Eden with or without motion controls and you can see a movie in theaters or in your living room. It�s all about choosing the experience that you want to have and taking what comes with it, whether you enjoy it or not is completely up to you.
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