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I Implore You Nintendo part 2

In my last letter I examined Nintendo�s past in comparison to the competition. In this portion I will go through the events of 2011 and the outcries from fans.

Dear Nintendo,

I implore you to take a look at what�s happened this year. Before we get into the 3DS, let�s start by talking about what I hear the fans crying out for. Yes, we loved Twilight Princess, but it just seemed like a new version of Ocarina of Time. The overwhelming opinion I hear is that Skyward Sword just seems like another Zelda title. The craving that I felt before Twilight Princes came out is completely gone. It�s not just Zelda that leaves me apathetic. I know that a new, big name Nintendo franchise title will be excellent, but that doesn�t mean I have a strong desire to play it.

I was excited to play Ocarina of Time 3D, but I wonder if my desire was just out of nostalgia. Playing through it again made me realize that fond memories were because it is still a fantastic game. It set the stage for 3D Zelda games ever since. Do I want to play Twilight Princess again? No, not really. The same goes for Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. Even though the newer games are improved and more refined than the older games, it�s still the same tired formula.

I have no qualms saying that I would rather replay Majora�s Mask, Windwaker, or Sunshine over the newer incarnations. Each title, even though it had issues, did something unique with the franchise. The time limit in Majora was often infuriating, but it is such a twisted, dark, and interesting game that I want to return to it. Yes sailing in Windwaker could get boring, which is such a taboo word in video games, but it is so charming that I want to return to that world again and again (Salvatore saying �sploosh� is my text ringtone). Sunshine may have been an odd, often frustrating game, but I like the tropical setting and new mechanics.

If you stopped creating new titles in your classic franchises you wouldn�t be the Nintendo we know and love. You have somehow managed to not �innovate� yourself into the ground like Megaman or Sonic, but if you don�t move on those franchises will die like historical World War II shooters. You�ve already refined as much as we can take, now we want innovation. That�s innovation in gameplay mechanics, not control schemes and displays.

I was looking forward to the 3DS. The 3D technology seemed impressive and the promise of good looking games and handheld classics was all that I needed to be a day one adopter. If I didn�t have Street Fighter, I would have regretted buying a 3DS every day until Ocarina 3D released. The launch games for the 3DS were not worth the cost of the games or the investment in the system.

Pilotwings Resort, while a good handheld game, was not worth the $40 price tag and carried the tired Wii Sports aesthetic. I had most of my fun through the widgets included in the system then the games themselves. The lack of quality software could have been compensated for had the eShop launched with the system. It was a sad time when I was most anticipating the ability to pay for games that I already own.

The eShop finally launched, but to much dismay. You thought it was a good idea to launch your new, anticipated online service with five titles. Steam didn�t launch with five games. The iTunes Appstore didn�t launch with five apps. This was a huge oversight and one you have yet to rectify. One week you gave us Tennis. Now except for a few special circumstances, none of which include tennis, there is no nostalgia for sports games. Giving us tennis was an insult, but giving us only tennis for a week made it seem that you truly don�t care about us.

Now you promise us Urban Champion 3D and we question your decisions. As I write this, it�s Thursday and two and a half hours past when the store is supposed to be updated. Apparently this week you have decided to just give us nothing. You heard us cry foul when you did this on the Wii so why are you doing it again?

Nintendo, you make me question whether or not I should just give up. Please, reassure me that our history won�t just become a fond memory.

Out of love,

-David Rhinehart
Growing more wary every day
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