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Data Crunch: Launch Game Stand-Outs

So with the big titles such as COD Ghosts, AC4 Black Flag, Battlefield, Fifa 14 and Killzone Shadow Fall hitting your living room and into your next generation consoles, it's time to bring in the numbers and statistics to do some analysis.

COD: Ghosts

The Global top game in the first week of its launch is Call of Duty Ghosts, whether it's on the next generation consoles or the old generation. Clearly, Ghosts is a game that is seen world wide as the "big-seller" and "have-to-get-game" for most of us, generating 808,779 games in the first week of the PS4 launch and 495,223 gaming units in the Xbox One launch week. Overall, the game has made $78,240,120. Ofcourse, it is no surprise with the huge fan base and appealing multiplayer which to be fair, is what makes the Call of Duty series really stand out. 

Battlefield 4

A game that rivals the favorable COD Ghosts drifts in at number 2 for the PS4 launch week as well as the Xbox One launch week. I must say the multiplayer looks simply beautiful with the pretty graphics and clear resolution. Also, the campaign in my opinion, is more engaging than Ghost's campaign allowing for multiple endings with different characters. Battlefield 4 generated 455,387 units in the PS4 launch week and 252,614 units in the Xbox One launch week making $42,480,060.

Fifa 14

From a first-person shooter action game to a slick, neat sports game, Fifa 14 is the top selling Xbox One launch title in the UK. Ofcourse the same cannot be said for the US, Japan, or Europe with the UK making the Fifa series continue its success year after year. The well-awaited game sold 117,295 copies the first week for the Xbox One making it the number 1 spot in the UK. 

AC Black Flag

With the third Assassins Creed game a somewhat of a disappointment in many gamer's minds and hearts, the new Black Flag sails on to top the AC3 game units by 51.7% in the first two weeks by comparison judging the units across all platforms not just Xbox One and PS4. That is $125,997,960 more for the franchise, still considering that results from Europe and Japan have not come in for Black Flag in the week of November 23rd. Therefore, potential for the percentage and cash to rise is still very much there.

Killzone Shadow Fall

A big PS4 launch title hit, Killzone Shadow Fall is one of the very few well-awaited and decent games that launch games have to offer. The third game in the series is a big upgrade on all aspects whether it's story, graphics, multiplayer or campaign; the game is all in all brilliant. Globally, it sold 408,216 units on the first week of the PS4 launch generating a fair and stable $24,492,960.


Although this is not a next generation launch game, it is still worth mentioning. No game in 2013 has sold this many units as this one right here. Its first week out (September 21st) it had sold altogether with Xbox 360 and PS3 a staggering 16,610,490 games accounting for $996,629,400. With so much variety and interesting activities the game has to offer, it is hard for it not to be so successful. The GTA franchise has recieved a lot of support during the years and with a lot of hype it is safe to say it has paid off.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds

A title that I, and probably you were not expecting to see was most likely this one. Taking it from the two big consoles to the Nintendo 3DS, this game has been the standout game for this portable console and one that Nintendo fans can finally grasp to get quality out of. While improving gameplay mechanics and graphics, the game still stays true to the aspects all Zelda fans love all the way from 1987. In the US, the game sold 294,551 copies making it top Battlefield 4 and into number 2 in the week of November 23rd. Overall, the game generated around $9 million in the first week.

Here are the games in order looking at the numbers:

1. GTA V
2. COD: Ghosts
3. Battlefield 4
4. AC Black Flag
5. Killzone Shadow Fall
6. Fifa 14
7. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Here are the game in order just from my opinion:

1. GTA V
2. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
3. AC Black Flag
4. Fifa 14
5. Battlefield 4 
6. Killzone Shadow Fall
7. COD: Ghosts

Thank you very much for reading and please feel free to comment.
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