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You got your arcade cabinet in my box of beers: Make your own cheap-ass supergun

Real men don't use MAME. Real men buy a box of beers, throw some wires in it, tape it up, and play arcade games the way they are meant to be played. The ultra cheap way. Sure you can pay someone a couple hundred dollars to build one for you, but where is the fun in that? Build it yourself and use the money you save to buy a few PCBs.

So here is the deal, my game room was a mess of wires and stray power supplies from the supergun I had been making. For those who are behind the times, a supergun is a device that connects to an arcade PCB and allows you to play it on any tv at home. For health and safety reasons I thought it would be a good idea to clean up this mess into one nice package. I searched long and hard for something sweet to put this crap in but nothing seemed right. Then it hit me, the perfect shell:

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