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Master System Gems: The Ninja

More than anything, retro gaming should be about preserving the history of the industry. While there is little chance of Sonic or Alex Kidd being forgotten in time, there is every chance that The Ninja or similar games could. The type of ...


My gaming setup + Intro

I'm from a certain PAL country (first correct guess wins 5 Atari 2600 juniors which they can pick up from my house, really I don't want them) where collecting games from a certain period is an absolute chore. It's not a matter of just forki...


Master System Gems: Action Fighter

The most special games are those which, having not played it for 10 years and forgetting it ever existed, still bring a massive smile to your face. This was the case years ago when my copy of Action Fighter arrived in the mail. It's case ...


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