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Look at me, writing about sci-fi games like I know what I'm talking about


Right now over on fanboy.com there's a short series running that I wrote, covering a few retro sci-fi games. It's a fun, nostalgic look back at a few games that were either really huge and important, or just fun and cool.

It's not meant to be an in-depth master list of ZOMG TEH BEST GAMZ EVAR! Not by a long shot. It's just a quick dip into the memory vaults. It starts off with a few video games, but soon veers off into table-top stuff and other weirdness. Some you might not even call a game, but they are never-the-less awesome sci-fi...things.

Check it out if that sounds interesting to you. I know it was for me. (Look for the "RETRO SCI-FI GAMES" title.)
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